For over 70 years Belair has been a highly respected manufacturer of popular priced, stylish, high quality timepieces. Belair is proud to be a family owned and operated, American company.We assemble all of our quartz analog watches and movements in the USA, from Swiss parts. Long recognized by industry experts as the number one producer of mid-range private label watches, Belair has been supplying the independent retail jeweler and top brands with high quality timepieces for over 70 years. We are a Union Shop, and thus are in a very unique position to be the only company who can provide you with a watch which is made in the USA, from Swiss parts, and one which proudly bears the Union symbol.

Belair is the leading supplier of Private Label, Corporate, and Promotional Award watches. We represent an invaluable alternative to retailers, ad specialty distributors, and consumers who appreciate fine workmanship. Our watches can be sold with confidence, knowing that they have been assembled from Swiss parts, and are built to last.

With more than 4,000 satisfied active retail jewelry accounts worldwide, Belair is proud to support all of its customers with a watch that represents true value. Behind the Belair name stands a financially strong, family owned professional organization, with over 100 employees worldwide, each totally committed to the long standing Belair tradition of quality assurance, service excellence and unparalleled customer care.