Anniversary Gemstones

1st Year: Gold Jewelry18th Year: Cat's-Eye
2nd Year: Garnet19th Year: Aquamarine
3rd Year: Pearls20th Year: Emerald
4th Year: Blue Topaz21st Year: Iolite
5th Year: Sapphire22nd Year: Spinel
6th Year: Amethyst23rd Year: Imperial Topaz
7th Year: Onyx24th Year: Tanzanite
8th Year: Tourmaline25th Year: Silver Jubilee
9th Year: Lapis Lazuli30th Year: Pearl Jubilee
10th Year: Diamond Jewelry35th Year: Emerald
11th Year: Turquoise40th Year: Ruby
12th Year: Jade45th Year: Sapphire
13th Year: Citrine50th Year: (Golden Jubilee) Gold
14th Year: Opal55th Year: Alexandrite
15th Year: Ruby60th Year: (Diamond Jubilee) Diamond
16th Year: Peridot70th Year: (Sapphire Jubilee) Sapphire
17th Year: Watches80th Year: (Ruby Jubilee) Ruby


January - Garnet
July - Ruby
February - Amethyst
August - Peridot
March - Aqua Marine
September - Sapphire
April - Diamond
October - Opal or Pink Tourmaline
May - Emerald
November - Topaz or Citrine
June - Pearl, Alexandrite, or Moonstone
December - Blue Zircon, Turquoise, or Tanzanite

Estate Jewelry

Chapman Jewelers has one of the most extensive collections of estate jewelry in the area. From turn of the century jewelry items that have been preserved in original condition to pre-owned designer jewelry, you'll be sure to find the most unique and eclectic pieces in this showcase. We inspect each piece carefully and are very particular of the condition of the item before we purchase them for our inventory.

Gift Certificates & Wish List

The Perfect Gift..... Many of our clients, friends, and visitors take advantage of making a "wish list" when they come into Chapman Jewelers. We conveniently keep the information on file of your favorite items and top choices in jewelry and gifts. This makes shopping fun for the giver and the receiver. If you would like to add to your wish list just go to the Contact Us page and submit your request.

We also offer beautifully packaged gift certificates that are perfect for any occasion!

Jewelry Care & Cleaning

  • When storing your jewelry, it's best to keep each individual item in its own compartment or pouch to avoid pieces from scratching one another.

  • Extreme hands on activity can cause wear on jewelry items such as, golf, tennis, lifting weights, gardening, dishes, laundry, swimming in a pool or hot tub, etc.

  • Perfumes, lotions, hairspray can be harmful to your jewelry.

  • To be safe, always remove your jewelry before working with chlorine bleach.

  • Not all jewelry is the same. Different gemstones, metals and materials need to be handled in different ways (i.e. pearls, opals, and emeralds). Stop in and visit or call for further details and care instructions.

  • Jewelry will always look its best when it is clean.

  • Lotions and soaps can cause buildup. We recommend you bring your jewelry items in at least every 6 months or more for a thorough check and cleaning.